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Maria si prepara a combattere contro Uhl nella realtà. Intanto nel Seventh Garden sono trascorsi tre mesi e il mondo è cambiato. Gli insetti che avevano attaccato il villaggio di Karna si diffondono ovunque e trasformano gli uomini in mostri. Awyn continua a brandire la sua spada per proteggere le persone a lui care. Nel frattempo, Loki si ribella a Uhl e...

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Izumi Mitsu

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With Vyrde catatonic for months, it's up to Awyn and his friends from the manor house to stem the tide of monsters continuously spawning from people bitten by the hideous flying bug-mouths. Meanwhile, the mastermind behind this plague, Angel Loki,...

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Vyrde is seen wearing a white towel after possibly bathing off screen and is having make up put on her by servants. It is unconfirmed if this scene has any bathing relation other than some towel wearing being involved and if its unknown if the two ladies putting make up on her had any involvement…