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Addressing the challenges of the rapid ageing of the population in a time of delicate economic and social changes represents a crucial point for governments and civil society as a whole. This book is designed to assist all stakeholders who want to understand how the impact of adult learning programs has already helped to transform the society and how newer initiatives are likely to conduct to healthy and active aging in the coming decades.

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Diana Spulber,Nicola L. Bragazzi,Siri

Older Adults and Technology: Moving Beyond the Stereotypes ...

As older adults increasingly opt to return to college to switch careers, they may find that the transition back to school can be challenging. Discover tips to help older adults overcome these challenges and successfully complete their degrees.

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To teach an adult to swim, you must convince them that the details are unimportant. Instead, adult novice swimmers need to become comfortable in the water and learn to float. Read on to learn the best way to teach adults to swim.